In this post, we would like to share with you the story of Nefertiti Workshop and how it all started. We think it’s important for you to know the meaning behind the brand’s name and what we represent.

Nefertiti was the most beautiful and powerful Egyptian Queen and is still considered the most beautiful face of Egypt. “Nefer” means beautiful on the inside and the outside. I fell in love with her name and the meaning of it. A woman’s beauty is divine but what I admire the most in every person is the beauty of their soul. A beautiful and kind soul is the most charming virtue. I really wanted to name my brand with a name that represented my beliefs, and that’s how Nefertiti Workshop was created.

Nefertiti Workshop was found on July 2015. I am so lucky that I've turned my passion for style and statement fashion pieces to an actual job. I love that my job is so creative and I’m looking for inspiration all the time. My aspiration is that every woman or man that wears Nefertiti Workshop products, feels beautiful on the inside and the outside. Just what Nefertiti represents.